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The NAF Immuforte is formulated to be fed daily in times of immune stress, to help bring the system back to health fast. It can also be fed long term to help support an immune system in an intensive environment.

A compromised immune system can have a detrimental effect across the whole system. Feeding Immuforte will help to target the body's systems to help reinforce it's capabilities. Just as we do, our horses and ponies often require additional help and support to boost their system back to health when under threat. We recommentd to act quickly with Immuforte, time is key to avoid critical system response.

Cleanse and Clear: The unique blend of fast acting natural antioxidents help to address oxidative stress and expel waste products that can impede recovery times and lead to system damage.

Stimulate a Response: Powerful adaptogens can support the cell response to an unwanted stimuli, helping the body to recognise and respond.

Develop true Resistance: targeting red blood cell capacity underpins the oxygen carrying ability of the blood and as a result will support energy levels.

Neutralise the Threat: Offering vital assistance to white blood cells be stimulating their migration from the circulation to the tissues where required, by promoting the capability of the cell itself.

Support the Recovery: Low Lysine levels have been linked to impaired immune function, Immuforte is fortified with Lysine to ensure it is not a rate limiting step for the immune system.

NAF Immuforte

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